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80 Years Gone in a Flash: The Memoirs of a Photojournalist - John Jochimsen * I received an advance copy of this book through Goodreads.This is the personal memoir of John Jochimsen, from his childhood during WWII, through decades as a professional photographer. It was an interesting and engaging read. Jochimsen's career was varied and eventful, and he is great at describing his assignments overseas. I particularly enjoyed the sections on his time in Africa covering Princess Elizabeth's tour (which was interrupted by the death of the King), and his time in Malaya. I did note a few grammatical errors, and Jochimsen is not one to describe his feelings in great depth. However, his voice comes through clearly. He is a bit of a prankster and has a good sense of humour about his experiences, and the book is sprinkled with some amusing anecdotes. I'd certainly recommend this to anyone interested in photography and its history. Jochimsen has worked in many types of photography - journalism, editorial, government, and commercial - and has worked through major changes in the profession.A good selection of photos is included (all black and white), including photos of him in action.