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The Yearling
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Kiwi Down the Strada - Leslie Hobbs This is about NZ soldiers' time in Italy during WWII. It doesn't discuss the campaign or battle at all. I found it interesting, mainly because my grandfather was one of these soldiers, and met my grandmother in Trieste. It's written in a chatty style, and focuses on anecdotes and rumours about things like the black market in selling army supplies, and the attitude of the NZ soldiers to authority. It's very much of its time though (published in the 60s). I cringed in horror when I realised that the chapter entitled "The Darker Side" was so-called because it was about the Maori Battalion. It's also pretty insulting about Italians (especially the men), and the NZ women with the troops (snobs for only dating officers, apparently), among others.